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Since moving to his older brother's house to facilitate his studies, his younger brother couldn't help but pay attention to his lustful sister-in-law Julia. She has big, sexy breasts, a voluptuous body, and is especially very erotic, which is what makes guys constantly snoop and secretly peek when she shows off her lust. The story wouldn't have anything worth talking about until he accidentally caught sight of his sister-in-law masturbating in the bedroom. His curiosity prompted him to stand outside the door and peek for a while and then bad luck struck. he was discovered by his sister. Panic and fear were the first emotions he felt. It seemed like he was facing a high risk of being kicked out of the house, but no, in the midst of misfortune, there was luck. She gave him a very gentle punishment, mainly to satisfy his unresolved urge, which was to agree to incest with her. Because he was so scared, the teenage boy didn't know what to do other than reluctantly accept the request that his lustful sister made.

GES-019 When my brother goes on a business trip for too long
 Movie Code: GES-019 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Natsuko Mishima