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While Jessy Jones's wife likes to criticize him for being lazy, his visiting sister-in-law, Kayley Gunner, loves the attention she gets from him, his eyes unable to resist checking out her hot body. Miss. Kayley sends Jessy a sneaky photo of her pussy, motivating him to retreat to his workshop to make a lovemaking device (since he's not getting any sex from his wife), used Kayley's photo as inspiration. Once Jessy's prototype is complete, he tries it on and wouldn't you know it, it feels almost like the real thing... almost. Kayley curiously peeked at Jessy and when her embarrassed husband caught her, she moved closer to him to get a closer look at his latest creation before giving him something more exciting to fuck: wet pussy Her sweet wetness!

Punish your wife's foul-mouthed sister
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