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Aubree Valentine is a sweet teen with a tight pussy problem. Her father hates her boyfriend, Lucas Frost. Luckily for Aubree, her hot MILF stepmom Alexis Fawx totally gets it. And even wanted to help Aubree. Alexis decides to teach her a little sex education with a wand! Lucas surprises Aubree and gets a surprise himself, a hot girl in action. Lucas receives an invitation from Alexis to do stealth work. Alexis can't resist Lucas's huge cock and starts fucking him like a dog. Aubree is shocked to see Lucas fucking her stepmom. But Alexis just wants to help and teach these two how to fuck and suck better than ever. It turns into a wild threesome and everyone leaves. Lucas shoots Aubree and Alexis' entire face and both girls happily embrace it. Look dad, Lucas isn't that bad.

The younger brother was lucky enough to fuck both his sister and her lover
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